1. ‘Seller’ - ESBfurniture Ewelina Banet based in Unit 6 Lea grange cv9 3np Atherstone, United Kingdom. Company Registration Number GB 113389424 (VAT identification number), subject to legislative law in United Kingdom.
  2. ‘Online Store’ - Form of Sellers activity involving selling goods via Internet at Activity is carried out within the European Union.
  3. 'Goods'- Product offered by the Online Store as part of their activities in accordance with this Terms and Conditions. Seller reserves the right to change the offer without prior notice. Products available in the Online Shop are free from physical and legal defects. All products offered by Online Store are covered by the manufacturer's warranty or guarantee of the Seller for a period of 12 months.
  4. 'Price'- Sale of goods in Online Store is done with the gross price, do not include the cost of delivery of the Goods to the Buyer. Commodity prices are in GB Pounds Sterling and include taxes currently in force for the Goods in the UK, including VAT. Seller reserves the right to change prices. After making an order price stays the same until the end of the implementation.
  5. 'Provider' - Courier company cooperates with the Seller.
  6. 'The cost of providing the Goods' - Costs incurred for the purpose of providing goods to the Buyer pursuant to the Order made by him.
  7. 'Buyer' - Person with at least 18 years of age who placed an order in the Online Shop.
  8. 'Purchaser' -Buyer who completed the transaction with the online shop.
  9. 'User' - A person having completed 18 years, registered on the online store.
  10. 'Order' - A set of goods targeted for implementation by the Purchaser in electronic form, in accordance with these rules.

Registration and order

  1. Orders can be placed via the online shop.
  2. Placing an Order and purchasing goods subject to the fulfillment by the Buyer, in a proper manner, the registration form (in particular, provide the requested data in the form of personal e-mail address - and password set by the Buyer) and Buyer's assent to the conclusion of the sale and reading the rules of an online store. If entrepreneurs can optionally be given the name and registered office of the company. All data available to the Seller by the Buyer shall be confidential, legally protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be shared with third parties.
  3. Registration functions are performed once, followed Orders are based on log Buyer in the store by entering the username and password set. Username and password are confidential.
  4. Buyer, approval of contract, we ask that ordered goods are compared with the dimensions of pathways that they may fit passage ways (doors, corridors ,bends) to where they will be delivered, as we are not held responsible if the ordered Goods do not fit therefore sizes must be confirmed as the dimensions cannot be the basis of a complaint or refund.
  5. Buyer places an Order on the website store. After placing an order the Buyer will receive an automated response confirming that  Seller accepted the order. No confirmation of the order implies that the contract it could not be adopted for implementation, in this case, Buyers should contact the online shop using the form on the website of an online store or call the telephone number listed in this site Shop or by mail.
  6. Following the adoption of the contract The seller reserves the right, in some cases, to contact the buyer to confirm the details of the order such as the address, the type of shipment ordered Goods, etc.
  7. The seller has the right to refuse orders:
    • if order form is completed improperly,
    • after the unsuccessful attempt to confirm the orders,
    • made in violation of these Rules,
    • in the absence of the availability of the ordered Goods.
  8. Completion of the order will begin after receiving by Seller completed order form.
  9. The delivery time will be up to 14-25 days, unless the seller has informed the buyer about an extended period of time. This is the time from the moment of payment by the Buyer to the date of delivering Goods, but it relates to working days.
  10. Contact between Seller and Buyer is possible using the form on the website of an Online Store or by calling the telephone number listed in this site or by mail.
  11. Seller agrees to complete the Order in accordance with the contents of the order specifications
  12. Each purchaser along with the ordered goods will receive a bill, which is the basis for any claim.
  13. In case of absence of the ordered Goods, the Seller shall thereafter inform the Buyer prior to the implementation of the Order, and the Buyer has the right to cancel the order, or to abandon the Goods, which is missing, or to agree to replace the missing Goods to like with like characteristics and price.

Ordering - step by step

  1. Find the product you wish to purchase by clicking on  "Category" box, or type term/ product you are looking for 'Search' box.
  2. Carefully read the "Product Information", and in particliar the price and size.
  3. After accepting the "Product Information", click on the link "Add to Cart".
  4. In this way, select all of your goods.
  5. Click on the link "Your Basket" to complete your order.
  6. Choose a delivery method: "Collection" or delivery by store (payment on delivery) - delivery details need to be confirmed with Customer Service. Here you see the total amount of your order and the value of the tax.
  7. Clicking the link "View Cart" go to the page where you can log in by entering your username (email) and password - if you have done it before, or you can go (the button "Continue") for the registration of a new customer. Registration includes, in particliar, address details, email address, account password and confirm that you have familiarize yourself with terms and conditions.
  8. Clicking the link "View Cart" will be able to verify the shipping address and you will have a choice: a sales document (receipt or invoice VAT), delivery and payment method (bank transfer or PayPal / credit card or cash).
  9. Clicking the link "Continue" go to page summarizing your order - after a thorough verification of the particliars of the order click on the button "Confirm order".
  10. Your order has been placed. You will receive a message to indicated email address confirming your order.


  1. Available payment methods are: prepayment by bank transfer to a account,cash on delivery or payment by debit / credit card. Online Store is not responsible for the problems in payment resulting from delays caused by the third party (bank, PayPal).
  2. Goods delivery costs are dependent on the contents of the order (including the dimensions of the Goods ordered and the distance between Online Store and the Buyer) and are listed in the Online Shop in the "Delivery". Shipping costs Buyers should check before placing orders.


  1. Ordered goods are delivered to the Buyer through courier company to the address specified by the Buyer when ordering.
  2. In the absence of the Buyer at the time of delivery to the Buyer, If Supplier has to leave a notice indicating the possibility of a re-delivery or receipt of the consignment at the designated site this can incurr an additional fee and can cost the same as a delivery unless discussed.

Cancellation of contract and termination of agreement

  1. The buyer may cancel your order with no cost by informing the Seller in writing e-mail address no later than 12.00 pm the day after the order is placed. Once ordered Goods have arrived the Buyer is subject to accepting Goods.

Product claims, returns and refund

  1. 14 days return. Complaints can be submitted through the online store, e-mail directed to the address reporting complaints, please enter your name buyers, order number, proof of purchase number, and describe the subject of the complaint.
  2. Will not be returned products that are made to the individual customer, ie. the choice of color, fabric, hand, etc
  3. Customer who want to return or replace the product to another one can do it on your own range using a courier or own transport and bringing a furniture to our business address or storage. Furniture must be packed in the same way as was delivered. After arrival of the furniture, the seller must open it and check it if there is any damage or faults due transport by other company that our. If after checking it out that are any damage, the seller has the right to reduce the cost of your money back for possible repairs. Customer also has the right to use our collection service, then the customer is charged 20% of the whole amount(included delivery) and this money will be deducted from the total return to customer. Refund to customer will be done within 14 working days from arrived/collection date.
  4. Special orders, i.e. those made of fabrics that are not available on our website, will not have the right to return. Our store offers free fabric samples so that the customer can check the fabric texture and color as it is live because based on the note on our website, the colors may differ live, it is caused by the photo, lighting and on the monitor of the device on which the photo is displayed, such orders where there may be such a difference in the color of the fabric and the ordering person has not previously ordered free samples will also not be accepted as returns.

Final provision

  1. All articles posted on the graphics and design are the property of the Seller and their use without the express written consent of the Seller shall be considered a violation of copyright laws. All trademarks and copyrights contained other elements on the page are owned by their creators.
  2. Seller reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice. The changes do not violate the rights of the Buyer under the Orders placed before implementing the change.
  3. These regulations take effect on 22-04-2014.

Privacy policy

  1. You can read us privacy policy here

Cookies policy

  1. Store not collect any automated information, with the exception of the information contained in cookies.
  2. Cookies (so-called "cookies") are computer data, especially text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user Store and are designed for use with Web Store. Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which the storage time of the end device and a unique number.
  3. The subject placed on the terminal equipment's Store cookies which reach and access to them is the owner of the Store.
  4. Cookies are used to:
    • adapt web content to Store Users' preferences and to optimize the use of the websites, in particular, these files allow you to identify the device's Shop and properly display the web page tailored to their individual needs;
    • create statistics that help us to understand how users use the Shop website, which allows you to improve the structure and content,
    • maintain the session's Shop (after logging in), so that user does not have on every page Store retype your login and password.
  5. The Shop uses two basic types of cookies, "session" (session cookies) and "fixed" (persistent cookies). Cookies "Session" are temporary files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user to log out time, leave the website or disable the software (web browser). "Permanent" cookies are stored in the terminal equipment of a user for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until their removal by the user.
  6. In the Shop may be used following types of cookies:
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