Fabrizio VI Corner Sofa Bed

Modern design and comfort are just two of the many advantages of the corner sofa with bed,Fabrizio IVI

The corner sofa has a 2 containers for bedding.

Double USB socket available in black and silver.

The front legs are available in matte black or gold.

Wooden frame.

Movable headrests.

Seat made of medium-hard foam with a wave spring underneath.

Armchair available as well.

Instead of a bedding container we can install a relax function in the corner, cost £100.

Decorative pleats on the seats and backrest give the corner sofa a unique look.

Wide color palette.

Easy to clean fabric.

We deliver to many countries in Europe,ask for the price.

Data sheet

Bed area
Check the fabric >
    • Leftside
    • Rightside
    • Medium soft
      + £45
    • Medium hard
    • YES
      + £59
    • NO
Delivery time: 3 - 6 weeks