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Sonia C

Design: high quality laminated board, płyta wykończona okleiną PCV
Color: jesion komi + pink, jesion komi + blue

The set includes:

SoniaC Bed KM17
width: 257cm
depth: 95cm
height: 76cm
sleep a.: 200x90cm (price without matress)

SoniaC Wardrobe KM1
width: 80cm
depth: 50cm
height: 190cm

SoniaC Desk KM13
width: 130cm
depth: 55cm
height: 86cm

SoniaC Hanging regal KM12
width: 115cm
depth: 30cm
height: 45cm

SoniaC Regal KM5
width: 45cm
depth: 40cm
height: 190cm

SoniaC Regal KM4
width: 45cm
depth: 40cm
height: 190cm

SoniaC Commode KM7
width: 100cm
depth: 40cm
height: 100cm

Product available on request
Delivery time : mid-January

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